Wine Tourism

Based at Quinta de Valbom,  2km from the centre of the World Heritage city of Evora and just 200m from the Cartuxa Monastery from which it takes its name, Cartuxa Wine Tourism is run from the old refectory in the former Jesuit retreat.


Revel in the delights of Cartuxa wines, also available by the glass, and the rich, local cuisine.


Cartuxa is the umbrella brand of Adega Cartuxa, Lagar Cartuxa and Enoturismo Cartuxa (Cartuxa Winery, Olive Mill and Wine Tourism, respectively). It is also the identifying brand of EA, Foral de Evora, Cartuxa, Scala Coeli and Pera-Manca wines, as well as Alamos, EA and Cartuxa olive oils.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the key products of the Eugenio de Almeida Foundation. Olive oil is an iconic product of the Alentejo and has been part of the Mediterranean diet for 6,000 years.


The Cartuxa Winery offers visitors a programme of guided tours, ending with a tasting of wines and olive oils. The tour takes about 90 minutes.


The character of  Cartuxa wines is imbued with the unique geography of the Alentejo and the business philosophy of Cartuxa, which is built on hard work, human and technological expertise and sustainability.


Authenticate your bottle

Starting with the 2011 vintage, all bottles of red Pêra-Manca will display a seal of authenticity which reassures the buyer that they have acquired a genuine bottle.

Carbon Footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint is therefore imperative and the greenest way to live today.

Coffee Shop Páteo de São Miguel

The uniqueness of this area, a popular draw for locals, is also highlighted by its contemporary lay-out



The bucolic setting of the Santa Maria Scala Coeli Monastery invites serenity and reflection.  

Eugénio de Almeida


The Foundation’s ethos is to promote and develop the region in cultural, educational, social and spiritual fields.

Clube Pêra-Manca 2000

"Para falar ao vento bastam palavras; para falar ao coração são necessárias obras."
Padre Antônio Vieira

Advertising Campaigns

One brand

Eugénio de Almeida


A space designed to promote artistic and cultural activities based on the Foundation’s commitment to social, sustainable activities.


The Foundation’s vineyards are a valuable part of its patrimony, planted according to stringent criteria of soil type, relief and sun exposure.

Páteo de S.Miguel

A national monument comprising a group of buildings which include the Paco dos Condes de Basto (the Palace of the Counts of Basto), the S. Miguel Chapel, the Coach Collection and the Eugenio de Almeida Archive and Library. It is also the headquarters of the Eugenio de Almeida Foundation.


The Cartuxa Winery (Adega) at Monte de Pinheiros is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated technology. Some three million bottles a year come off the bottling line, containing white, red, rose and Cartuxa sparkling wine.


Olive groves

Olive oil is a key agricultural product of the Eugenio de Almeida Foundation. There are currently some 400 hectares of olive grove on its estates.


The perfect blend of culture, gastronomy, excellent wines, beaches, sun and history. Add its generous and welcoming people to the mix and you have the ideal holiday destination.


"Tudo é tranquilo, e casto, e sonhador… Olhando esta paisagem que é uma tela de Deus, eu penso então: onde há pintor, onde há artista de saber profundo, que possa imaginar coisa mais bela, mais delicada e linda neste mundo?!" Florbela Espanca

Olive Mill

A modern, fully-automated facility ensures extraction of top quality olive oil. As we are environmentally aware, we have installed a treatment centre to recycle water used in production which is used to irrigate our olive groves.