Olive Oil Mill

Olive oil is a symbol of the Alentejo and Mediterranean identity. It highlights the flavours of food, connects them, respects them and makes dishes richer. Due to its importance, in recent years investments have been made which have made it possible to modernise the olive grove and equip the Lagar Cartuxa [Cartuxa Olive Oil Mill] with the most advanced extraction technology, thus ensuring higher levels of quality olive oil production. The materialisation of the investments, associated with the passion with which the oils are produced, has already earned the brand recognition both nationally and internationally.

The Lagar Cartuxa [Cartuxa Olive Oil Mill] guarantees a total automation of the industrial process, which results in an exceptional olive oil extraction. The careful selection of the olives allows the preservation of their full potential, and the olive oil is extracted at a low temperature (up to 26ºC), using only physical processes. All olive oil production obeys strict internal criteria and quality control operations are carried out at all stages of the production system.

With the growing concern of respecting the environment, Lagar Cartuxa [Cartuxa Olive Oil Mill] has a washing water treatment unit which allows its reuse in the olive grove irrigation.