FEA’s Quality and Food Safety Policy


The institutional vocation of the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation is rooted in the cultural, educational, social and spiritual domains, aiming at full, complete and sustainable human development, with special focus on the Évora region.


The Eugénio de Almeida Foundation, with a view to guaranteeing the continuous improvement and quality of its processes, products and services, is committed to the following principles:

· To manage assets and optimise resources in the general interest of the Foundation, contributing to the economic and social development of the community;

· To create products and services of excellence, respecting food safety, as well as traditional values, the environment and natural resources, so that they are recognised by consumers, thus increasing the perception of their value in the marketplace;

· Promote the dissemination of products, history, culture and local traditions;

· Create cultural, artistic, property, educational, social and direct philanthropic services known by their quality, excellence, innovation and potential for positive impact among their various recipients.

· To anticipate and satisfy the needs of our Clients and Target Audience in order to establish a partnership relationship with them;

· To professionally develop our employees through an appropriate combination of training and practice, promoting an attractive working environment that motivates and encourages teamwork and the emergence of new ideas and their valorisation;

· To ensure and enhance internal and external communication with the different stakeholders throughout the whole chain: customers, public, institutional bodies, suppliers and competent authorities;

· To comply with all the regulations and legal provisions in force and with the applicable standards and specifications;

· To achieve continuous improvement and effectiveness in the Quality and Food Safety Management System.

In Évora, on the 09th of March 2022
Executive Board